Protein and weight loss

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Protein and weight loss

The recent Protein World adverts on the London Underground have created quite a stir.


Protein World Advert Vivomed Blog

So what are the facts relating to protein and weight loss?

While you should of course be proud of your body the simple fact of that matter is that a lot of people are not and want to cut down a few pounds in certain areas.

But at this stage we are drowning in (mis) information about the relationship between protein and weight loss, yet are thirsting for knowledge with so much noise on the Internet and in the media.

I agree that the images of Bikini clad models may not be helping women’s self-confidence but they do seem to get attention and work for marketing companies.


You will regularly hear the term “Eat Less, Exercise More”, however this is only partly true. Certain forms of exercise work the body much more efficiently than others.

A lot of people walk or run the roads, attend gyms to use the weights machines and run on the treadmill but never get anywhere near the results they want.


The reality is that for the average person who wants to trim down 10- 20 pounds and just feel healthier it is a lot

Exercise Tubing
Exercise Tubing

simpler than media would make out. Resistance training where you hit every muscle group in the body combined with interval cardio training where you push yourself for a short period and then rest for a short period is how to get maximum results in minimum time. You can use items such as dumbbells, exercise loops and exercise tubes to help with this at home.

This form of training will actually create muscle damage. However, when the muscle breaks down it takes about 24 – 32 hours to grow and recover, all the while burning loads of calories.

But this is where Protein comes in…

Protein helps to repair the muscle so it will grow and be stronger for the next session. Do this consistently over a period of time and watch the magic happen – this sort of training combined with lots of protein will lead to weight loss!!

How much Protein do I need for weight loss?

There is much debate as to how much Protein a person needs, however the general rule is that the very minimum should be about 1 gram per kilogram of body weight.

For someone who is doing a lot of training and looking to get “lean” or “toned” then they should be looking at 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight.

And, if you really want to bulk up then about 2 grams per 1 kilogram of body weight.


Personally I weigh 82kgs so I aim for at least 120grams of Protein a day. Some days I go way over this and the odd day I will go below, neither are the end of the world.

If I wanted to stand on stage for a Fitness Model contest or was a world class athlete I would have to be a little more careful with this.

But seeing as my goals are to be fit for Football and maintain muscle mass and strength then this is ok.


The vast majority of people do not eat enough Protein.

Think about your last 3 meals/ snacks?

I bet they were loaded with Carbs and very little protein? Most average people will have a lot of carbs in every meal or snack but definitely not enough Protein.

Protein sources include chicken, tuna, salmon, beef/ steak, nut’s, nut butter, seeds and green veg and protein shakes.


So resistance training with adequate amounts of protein, done consistently day in and day out will get you great results.

So avoid the noise and be consistent.


Darragh Holland


Sports and Exercise Science Degree (Hons)

Certified Personal Trainer


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