Kinesiology Taping Course – part 5 – Muscle Technique lower limbs

Levotape Kinesiology Tape
Levotape Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology Taping Course – Muscle Technique lower limbs

Over the next few weeks, Vivomed will be publishing it’s very popular online kinesiology taping course through this blog, this week we look at the Muscle Technique and lower limbs in particular.

With over 30 instructional videos written and produced by Vivomed, this is one of the most comprehensive kinesiology taping courses available online and allows participants the chance to download a 6 hour CPD (continual professional development) certificate on completion of the paid course. To do the paid for course, please visit the online kinesiology taping course

The aim of the online kinesiology taping course is to teach the participants the major functions and effects of kinesiology taping to allow you to practice using any brand of kinesiology tape you prefer e.g. Levotape, K-Active, Kinesio, Mueller or Rock Tape.

This week, following on from last weeks kinesiology taping blog number 4 showing several kinesiology tape applications of the muscle technique to upper body areas, we will be looking at lower limb techniques.

1. Hamstring – for further information on Hamstring injuries please click here.

Hamstring Injuries Levotape kinesiology tape
Hamstring Injuries Levotape kinesiology tape

2. Piriformis, Gluteus – to help inward rotation of the hip.
3. Gastronemius, Soleus – to help improve movement in the ankle joint.


Piriformis, Gluteus

Gastronemius, Soleus

Next time on  Vivomed’s Kinesiology Taping Course blog we will look at the Ligament Technique (Tissue Lift).
The ligament technique will firstly be demonstrated on a haematoma and then this technique will next be demonstrated on the upper body using the following applications:
1. AC sprain
2. Trigger point
3. Lumbar spine

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