Sexton Hamstring- England Hamstrung

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An inspirational performance from Jonny Sexton helped Ireland to a 19-3 lead before succumbing to a pulled hamstring while taking the conversion for Henshaw’s try in the corner.


“Johnny just felt a twinge in his hamstring when he was kicking that conversion from the corner, we haven’t had that assessed so I can’t really comment as to the severity or non severity of that,” Schmidt told a news conference.

His absence from the field coincided with a minor resurgence from England which failed to disguise the degree to which they were out thought and outplayed during the game; highlighting the importance of preparation in the modern game.

While Sean O’Brien left the field with Doctor Eanna Falvey adhering to the Concussion Protocols, and Jared Payne suffering a late head injury, it is Jonny Sexton’s hamstring which is causing concern in the Irish Camp.

A hamstring tear or a pulled hamstring is a widely known phrase; but what is it exactly?





While Sexton’s hamstring injury would appear to be minor, hamstring injuries tend to be classified as Grade 1, 2, or 3

While Grade 1 generally involves a few torn muscles, with a Grade 2 moderate strain there will be loss of muscle, and a severe Grade 3 involves a complete tear of the muscle.

For those who watched the coverage closely they would have seen Sexton having his thigh wrapped with a compression wrap which cools the muscle, constricts blood flow and restricts the swelling.

Follow the link for more detailed information on hamstring injuries.


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