Vivomed – Strength Training for Endurance Athletes (Overview)

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Vivomed – Strength Training for Endurance Athletes (Overview)

The importance of strength training is becoming more apparent amongst endurance based sports such as running & cross country skiing.

Benefits of Strength Training
  • Improved Running Economy
  • Improved maximal speed
  • Increased lactate threshold
  • Improved anaerobic capacity
  • Increases time to reach fatigue
    Strength Training for Endurance Athletes
    Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

The types of strength exercises performed should be specific to the individuals given sport & involve working on similar muscle groups. Typically two strength training sessions per week will yield an improvement over a course of 8-12 weeks. Strength training should preferably be conducted on a day where the athlete is either not performing their chosen sport or have a light training load on that given day.

Athletes focusing on improving muscular strength should aim to perform 4-10 repetitions using a relatively heavy weight depending on their base strength. When athletes enter the competition phase of their season they should still aim to complete at least one strength training session per week to ensure they do not lose any adaptions gained.

Strength training if used effectively can help endurance athletes experience an improvement in performance & help prevent injury. Introducing a strength training component is highly recommended in both beginner & experienced athletes.

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