Vivomed – How to Train with a Heart Rate Monitor

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Vivomed – How to Train with a Heart Rate Monitor

Learning how to train with a heart rate monitor is a great way to workout at an intensity which is right for you. Heart rate is a great indicator of the body’s current condition and this should be used to your advantage. For example if your feeling a little under the weather, your resting heart rate will tend to be a few beats higher than normal & your training should be adjusted accordingly. Whether your a beginner “couch to 5k” or experienced track athlete, a heart rate monitor will help you get the most out of your training plan. Not only does the heart rate monitor allow you to objectively gauge if your working in the correct zone but perhaps more importantly ensures your properly recovered.

Running with a Heart Rate Monitor
Running with a Heart Rate Monitor
How to work out your maximum heart rate?

Maximum heart rate is largely dependent upon your age & can be worked out using this simple formula;

Maximum Heart Rate (Beats Per Minute) = (220bpm – Person’s age)

For example if your 35 years old, a good estimate of your maximum heart rate would be;

Maximum Heart Rate (bpm) = (220 – 35) = 185bpm

It should be noted that this is a rough estimate & should be treated as such. To gain a more accurate predictor of your maximum heart rate, consider undergoing a controlled fitness examination e.g. VO2 max testing. VO2 max testing is a measure of your maximal aerobic capacity & is closely linked with heart rate. Some heart rate monitors can also provide an accurate estimation of both your VO2 max & maximum HR such as the Polar V800 heart rate monitor watch with inbuilt GPS.

Training in the Correct Training Zone

Now that you have established your maximum heart rate you can now train in the correct training zone relevant to you. There is generally three training zones;

  • Easy Run 65-70% of Max HR
  • Tempo Run 87-92% of Max HR
  • Interval Repeats 95% of Max HR

Ensuring your training has a variation of training zones is key to fitness development. Trying to run in the tempo or interval zone too often is simply unsustainable & could result in injury. Running “Easy” in between workouts allows physiological adaptions to take place without putting the body under unnecessary stress. Its very common for athletes of all levels to do “Easy” runs at an intensity greater than 65-70% of their maximum, reducing the benefits gained from more intense workouts. Easy runs allow the body to recover on both a physical level & mental level.

There are a wide range of heart rate monitors available which can provide both real time feedback & store data for post run analysis. Both of which are invaluable to monitor if you are training in the correct training zone on any given day. Analysing your run can also guide you to when & where to make changes to your training plan & to ensure your stay fit and healthy.

Running with a Heart Rate Monitor
Running with a Heart Rate Monitor


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