Vivomed – Improving Core Strength Using The Abdominal Roller Wheel

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Vivomed – Improving Core Strength Using The Abdominal Roller Wheel

Core strength should be a fundamental component of any modern day athletes training programme. It forms the platform from which all other key bio-mechanical movements can take place. The core consists of several muscle groups including; the abdominals, internal/external obliques, hip flexors & glutes.

 Improving Core Strength Using The Abdominal Roller Wheel

There are many advantages to having a strong core which include;
  • Better Posture– Allows you to stand tall with better alignment, promoting better breathing & less risk of sustaining back injury.


  • Improves ability to perform everyday tasks– Whether its bending to lift a package, kneeling to tie your shoe laces or simply standing still, an activated core helps stabilise & protect your body.


  • Improves athletic performance- All sports require a strong & properly engaged core for optimal performance. Whether your a golfer or rower, its almost essential to generate any speed or power.


  • Improves Balance- Poor balance is often associated with a weak core. Improving core strength will noticeably improve ones balance after just a number of weeks.


So how do you Improve your Core Strength?

There are many activities which can help improve your core strength from yoga to pilates. This blog however will focus on the use of the Abdominal Exercise Roller Wheel, which makes core strengthening much more fun & engaging. The Roller Wheel targets not only the visible abdominal region but also those stabilising muscles which lie underneath. Working on as much of the abdominal area as possible helps produce that sculpted, toned look so many desire.

Many studies have found using a Roller Wheel to be superior to performing traditional abdominal exercises. Before using the its important to;

  • AVOID arching your lower back as you roll outward.
  • Keep your head in the neutral position whilst rolling.
The most effective exercises include;
  1. The Ab Wheel variation of the plank- Helps engage all of the abdominal region including lower lying stabiliser muscles (See Video below).
  2. Wide Stance roll out- A slightly easier variation of exercise 1, perfect for beginners which uses a wider stance.
  3. Narrow Stance roll out- Increases the difficulty of exercise 1 by also engaging the back & shoulders.
  4. Rotational roll out- Rotating left or right as opposed to the prone position to further engage the internal & external obliques.
  5. Knee roll out- Similar to exercise 1 but instead perform in the kneeling position, increasing difficulty.

WATCH our video tutorial below;

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