Vivomed – Roars from the Stores 19/03/2018

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Vivomed – Roars from the stores

Can Conte count on Kante every week?

That’s a heading doctor Zeus would be proud of! ?

The short answer for any Chelsea fan will be “yes 100%” I have very little doubt of that!

We are talking about last year’s PFA player of the year, who has not done a lot different from last year, with the exception of picking up a few injuries and missing games!

N’Golo Kante is “arguably” the best central midfield player in world football in relation to what he brings to a team! His work rate is second to none and often does the “work” of two or three men! Pressing and covering defensively to allow the more creative and attack minded players do their “job.”

Have these players let N’Golo down? That’s a completely different matter!

Chelsea footballer N'Golo Kante
Chelsea F.C footballer N’Golo Kante


Back to Kante. I’m not a fan of stats as I don’t think they ever truly paint the picture of the game, especially for the defensive side of the team! Kante’s premier league stats show 98 games played 3 goals and 6 assists (at the time of publishing)…… The only stats some fans and young players seem to care about!

I believe a player like Kante will never be fully acknowledged by his stats as he spreads himself thinly throughout the game, with duels across the pitch from defenders to forwards, not to mention his own “job” in centre midfield. I have watched this man out battle the best players in football and only wish we had more footballers like him!

Kante is a player we want kids and young players looking up to in the same light as they do Ronaldo or Messi! He gives everything for his team on the pitch and is a very modest man off it. Never seen in the media driving flash cars or with the latest trend but often going under the radar driving his mini!!

N’golo Kante is the man I want my kids looking up to and inspired by! He has shown no matter what size you are, with hard work and determination you can be the best in the world…… at what you do!!

Roars from the stores

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