Vivomed – Why you need to Introduce Resistance Bands to your Training Routine

Vivomed – Why you need to Introduce Resistance Bands to your Training Routine

Resistance training involves any exercise which forces a single or group of skeletal muscles to contract. By structuring your training routine to include these exercises on a consistent basis, one can expect an noticeable improvement in both muscular strength & endurance after just a few of weeks. There are many different forms of resistance training including; the use of free weights (dumbbells), body weight & the primary focus of this blog, resistance bands, loops & tubing.

Vivomed Vivo-Loop
Vivomed Vivo-Loop
Benefits of Resistance Bands

Resistance bands have a number of benefits which should encourage both athletes & non-athletes a like to use them in their daily routine;

  • Versatility. A wide range of exercises can be performed using resistance bands, including those which are normally associated with heavy weights. Exercises include; bicep curls, squats, bench press, shoulder press & tricep extensions to name just a few (some examples below). The resistance bands can even be used in combination with other fitness equipment to increase exercise difficulty, for example using a motion stability wobble cushion.



  • Portable. Incredibly small & lightweight makes resistance bands a great travel companion wherever you go. Whether its to stretch after a long flight or to use on the go as part of your daily fitness routine.


  • Offers Variety. Can be used in combination with other strength workouts to add an extra layer of difficulty.


  • Can be used alone. Lifting heavy weights often requires a partner to ensure safety. Resistant bands can be used alone making them ideal for use when travelling or even during lunch time at the office.


  • Suitable for all levels of Fitness. Whether your a gym newbie or life-long member resistance bands are ideal & come in a variety of lengths, sizes & strengths, allowing an individual to adjust the level of difficulty.


  • Improve muscle strength & tone. Performing exercises on a regular & consistent basis promotes an increase in both muscular strength & tone.


  • Improves Posture. Toning & development of key muscle groups allows the body to better support the spinal column thus improving posture.


  • Reduces injury risk. Stronger, more flexible muscles offer greater resistance to injury & great for rehabilitation gym exercises.

Some examples of exercises which can be performed using resistance bands, loops & tubing are shown in the videos below;

Vivomed supplies a wide range of fitness equipment including; Resistance bands, loops & tubes for muscle stretching & rehabilitation gym exercises and home strengthening after sports injury. For more information head over to our website

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